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Ken Ruffelle


Height: 6'4"

Hair: Brown/Grey

Eyes: Blue


Training:  TooBa Physical Theatre

Location: Vancouver, BC

Willing to travel


The Disappearing Act  Principal     VFS Productioins
TAG                                 Principal     VFS Productions
Kalifi Green                    Principal     UBC Productions


Celebrity Impersonations, Sylvestor Stallone, Walter Cronkite, Rod Serling, Dr. Evil, Inspector Clousea, Jack Nicholson,

Sailing, Rollerblading, golf, tennis, ice skating, basketball, windsurfing

English, Cockney,

German, Irish

French, Russian


MC2                   Reporter   Director Michael Younesi – Netflix
Diagnose Me    J.Snyder    D. Paul Ziller Doctor In The House
Untold Stories of the ER   Isaac Miller   Urgent Care Productions
Untold Stories of the ER   Dr. Weischelstein    Urgent Care Productions

Trail Appliances     Principal      Slingshot Productions

John Moore            Principal      Cooperage Productions

Connect Hearing   SOC              Safehouse Productions

Boost                       SOC              Circle Productions

Pfizer                       SOC              Circle Productions
Kellogs                    SOC              Capitol Media
Gerber                    Principal      Cooperage Enterprises
Ashley Furniture   SOC              Circle Productions
Suddenlink            Principal      No Smoke Productions


 TooBa Physical Theatre Centre Graduate


Training & Workshops


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